Schlock Podcast – Episode 2

Welcome again to Schlock’s podcast, now on it’s second episode with well over an hour’s worth of flash fiction, discussions and even a first – a comedy sketch of a rather dark nature, as Schlock Troupe make their audio debut after a successful run at The Burlesque Monster Cruise earlier this month.

Taking part is the Schlock team –  Teodor Reljic, Pete Farrugia, Noel Tanti, Bettina Borg Cardona, Michael Vella and Marco Attard.


Living on an Island is Like…(part 6) by Michael Vella – 0:54

A City Chase by Marco Attard – 3:38

The Third Rome by Daniel Vella – 30:07

Cafe Noir by Bettina Borg Cardona – 33:55

A day in the life of an A-B-C-darian by Peter Farrugia – 53:57

Only Light by Teodor Reljic – 57:21


Teodor and Marco handle the Marvel Might that is Thor, in a discussion leading into general talk on the current trend for superhero cinema. – 5:45

Comic! Michael leads a discussion with Noel and Marco on their current readings of a more graphical nature. – 36:19


OAPs by Schlock Troupe – 1:01:49

Click the arrow button to download or listen right here… either way, we hope you enjoy our ramblings – we’ll be back next month with more!

Special thanks go to Friend of Schlock Thom Cuschieri for making the recording of the podcast possible, the music, and for putting it all together in the end!

Be sure to stay with us for the coming weeks – our Exploration-themed issue will be making its way in early June, and it’ll be accompanied by the usual flash week from our core contributors. Also, please don’t hesitate to leave your feedback – positive or negative, we love it!


Schlock’s Blogs

Welcome to another Sunday with Schlock. This week we are proud (and relieved) to present THE DEATH OF THE GEEK!

Follow four Schlockers, as they attempt to explain the demise of geekdom and hint at the birth of something a little more interesting… and a lot less familiar.

Read, comment, share the Schlock.

get yerself to Davey Jones, villainous rubber duckie geek!

First up, Krista takes an oblique approach. Panic erupts in the countryside as the geek-phenomenon gets out of hand!

In the wake of geek-death, Teodor proposes some startling alternatives.

Noel takes a look at Kick-Ass (2010) and asks “does the modern geek just want more (much more)?”

Bringing up the ranks, Marco‘s penned a wake-up call manifesto aimed at the collective consciousness of Geekdom.

Thus the dark night is ended and it’s time for mourning – Geeks may be dead and buried but who (or what) lies in wait ready to replace them?