Schlock is a quarterly anthology featuring short and serialised fiction, illustration and photography. We aim to publish original works of speculative fiction, exploring various subgenres through experimental fusions in style and format. Schlock’s contemporary themes take a playful and irreverent look at genre fiction, given individual flair by a regular rotation of writers and artists.

Please leave feedback in the comment boxes or email: schlockzine@gmail.com

If you’re a fellow genre-bender, we’d be happy to hear from you and possibly feature your work in upcoming issues of Schlock.

We want stories that are appropriately Schlocky. What is Schlock? Schlock is all types of speculative fiction. It’s science fiction, fantasy, and horror with a pulpy edge. It’s trash, treasures, ghosts, gore, literature, Lovecraft, sex, space, weird, wonderful, and fantastic. We don’t shy away from subject-matter that other magazines cringe at, but it has to pique the imagination. If it doesn’t do that, we don’t want it.

If you’re interested in sending something our way, please read our Submission Guidelines.

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