Black Night – They step into Darkness

Read the prelude…

Nar: They walked through the empty streets talking of unimportant things. Now and then one of them would laugh or shout with happiness. They pointed at all the strange sights of the dark city. The city was calling to them.

-Come to me…

Its language was as old as stone and dirt. They heard it in their souls. They were drawn to the darkness and mystery. Soon they were tired and could walk no further. They stood in front of a tall building. It loomed. The sign above the door read

The Last Waterhole

They looked in the doorway but could not penetrate the thick darkness.

Friend: Do you want to check this out? I think we can get a place to sleep here.

Young man: Yeah, why not?

Nar: They entered The Last Waterhole and smoke billowed, caressing their weary limbs. It seduced them, sucked them into its gaping maw, until they were past the threshold.

The lights were low. There was a bar to the right. On the left was a small raised stage with equipment ready to be played. Behind the stage further to the left was a door with a red light above. A young man with a goatee walked up to them.

Laslo: Hi, welcome to The Last Waterhole. Are you looking for a place to stay? Are you tired? Would you like to rest?

Friend: Yeah, we are tired and we need a place to sleep.

Laslo: We have a vacancy but there are 16 people in one room and you can only stay until tomorrow afternoon because there is a convention. But you get a free locker with a purchase of a bed.

Young man: What convention?

Laslo: I’m not sure they didn’t tell me. Anyway, are you going to take a room?

Nar: The young man looked at his friend. He could see the weariness in his face and he could hear the tiredness in his voice.

Young man: Yeah, we’ll take a room.

Laslo: Cool. Well just continue on inside to that desk and leave your name with that guy over there.

Nar: They walked toward the desk and a small rat faced man smiled and bared his square teeth at them.

Rat man: Well, well, well. Do you want a room? Are your limbs weary?

Nar: The young man wondered why everyone was so interested in the state of their limbs.

Rat man: Well just sign your name over here and at two o’clock you can go and rest. If you want you can go and put your bags into your lockers now.

Nar: Laslo appeared at their side and beckoned to follow him. He walked toward the door with the red light above it and opened it. They walked into a hallway going off to the right and the left. Laslo turned right and walked up a flight of narrow, steep, wooden stars. They creaked.

It reminded the young man of those b-film horror movies.

They reached the top of the stairs and Laslo turned right again and led them into a large room that was full of bunk beds separated by partitions. Laslo walked to the back of the room and pointed to the last bunk bed and then he turned and left.

The young man threw his bag on the top bunk and marked his territory. His friend took the bottom bunk and sighed. They found two empty lockers and shoved their bags inside. They looked at the beds, longing to be able to rest for at least half an hour. But they could not. They had to continue walking. The city was still calling them.

They walked back downstairs and headed outside.

Rat man: Remember to be back at 2.

Nar: The city embraced them again with a cold gust of wind.

–My children, you and I are one. I am the creation of your ancestors and now I care for all of you. I am your parent and I must guide and nourish you. Come, my children, come to me.

The young man and his friend were drawn by the sub-conscious voice of the city and even though their limbs were tired they could not resist. Their souls were inflamed with desire. They passed by a dark alley and heard a soft whisper emanate from within the shadowy recesses.

Voice: Hey, hey, you two!

Nar: They stopped and stared into the gloom trying to make out who was calling them. They could faintly see the silhouette of a man . They stepped forward and into the darkness.



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